Monthly Archive: October 2020

Long Tall Sally

We have a new Mercedes Sprinter Van, even bigger and taller than the last one. To keep them straight we named the new one Long Tall Sally, and the original one Louise.



Bulk Weekend Package

Here at Glencadia we charge by the night. The rate per night drops the longer the dog stays with us. Now, we’d like to try selling a package of four weekends at the discounted long term rate.

Here’s how it would work: a “weekend” for us is pick up Thursday evening and drop off Monday night, for a four-night stay. Normally, with the reservation charge and tax, that costs $219.24 per weekend for a one-family dog, including pick up and drop off at your door. For customers who would like to pre-purchase four stays – good at any time (and we’ve been around since 2005) – we are offering the bulk weekend package: only $700 including tax, a savings of $177 off the regular price of four stays at Glencadia. Also, this package insulates you against any rate increases here on our end, should we find those necessary.

You can use these 16 days (four weekends of four nights each) around holiday times as well, we just might have to subtract a day or two if there is no van available such that the stay falls in at four nights.

We would set up a credit on your account manually and you can book your weekends any time.

If you’re interested, click the chat icon on this page and we’ll set you up. Thanks!




Holiday Preparations

With 2020 like it is, none of us really know what to do about Thanksgiving and December holidays, like Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years. Here’s how we can help: we were surprised by the shut down last March. This time, we will guarantee a 100% refund on any booking if canceled 24 hours before the stay starts. If canceled last minute, there is a $50 cancelation fee.

So book now, and rest easy. Also, unlike others, we have no extra charges for booking around the holidays.

We have special pick-up days around Thanksgiving after 6 PM in the city at no cost: Monday, November 23, Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25, and then Monday 30 and again on Tuesday, December 1. No pick up on Thanksgiving day. There would be no extra charge to stay until Tuesday rather than come home Monday. Wednesday will fill up first, so maybe try to book sooner rather than later if you really want Wednesday.

Long term weekly and monthly rates do not apply around holidays but our new bulk weekend packages can work with holidays.

November below. Red days are FREE PICK UP/DROP OFF days in NYC.

December below here. Red days are FREE PICK UP/DROP OFF days in NYC. Notice no trips on December 24 and 31 but many extra trips. Please notice 12/1 is a drive day.

I hope this blog post helps you plan the dog vacation portion of your holiday preparations. Any questions- just hit the chat button in the corner. Thanks much. Will