Monthly Archive: June 2021

Tuesday Nut a Rama Loco Lunge

Here is a gallery. I’ll edit a video and post that on YouTube and IG soon. Things are good here at camp. It’s a hot day but we have the AC pumping. 10 AM and we have the barn clean, did the romp in the field, attendance, and now we’re working on baths for the dogs going home, cleaning the and prepping the van, and of course the ever popular breakfast is in motion.

Some dogs came with a collar or harness that had to be removed and we will have trouble returning it. I try to get the drivers to swap out stuff like that with our collars when they pick dogs up but with a busy schedule and stress, this detail gets overlooked, especially on the street at night when the main concern is safely getting the dog settled in the crate.


And more! We have your gear. We hope to return these items with your dog.

Here is the photo gallery – uploading all morning.