June 23, 2022


By glencadia2  


This post has a gallery with hundreds of photos of all the dogs. There are many posts here on the blog but if you want to see YOUR dog, this gallery is probably your safest bet for 6-23-22. There will be another gallery like this almost every day. There are YouTube videos, live Instagram videos, IG galleries – and you might see your dog in those as well. But if not, try this one, or try this one first.

We would like to find individual images of everyone’s dog and send them direct links only to their own dog, but that is time-consuming and only the dog care team can efficiently identify each dog – but even they have to then find the email address for the owner, etc. It’s not as easy as it might seem. We’ll do it, but it’ll take time. Dumping a huge number of photos in a gallery, as below, and asking the customers to rifle through them is much faster.

We’re actually working on some technical fixes for this. AI isn’t effective yet, as far as I can tell, and how could a computer notice a dog who is not even looking at the camera? Some dogs never really pose. We would like to have a slide show system so that owners can say “yes” or “no” to specific images so we know that you saw the image and your dog was either in it or not before we search… which would make it easier for us to see who’s picture is missing from a gallery and where it is…

Anyway, enough about photos. Here are yesterdays:



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