Dog Mental Health and Autonomy

I have been thinking quite a bit about this article in Vox. The reason the article stuck with me is that it reinforced for me that our philosophy and setting here at Glencadia offer something special and, from the mental health point of view of a dog, necessary. If boredom is a plague for the… Continue reading Dog Mental Health and Autonomy

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Fat Dog, Skinny Dog

Owners sometimes complain that their dog is skinnier or perhaps fatter than when s/he left for camp. Looking at the dog every day – along with a lot of other dogs every day – we might not notice incremental changes in weight. The obvious solution is a scale, which we have had for a while.… Continue reading Fat Dog, Skinny Dog

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Mood transfer in dogs (and other critters, like people)

We often say “dogs are social animals” around here — it’s a truism basic to our philosophy of dog care. However, all animals are at sometimes social. Even famous loners like orangutangs and sloths have to be with others to mate and nurse young. Cats seem to be perfectly capable of living in a community,… Continue reading Mood transfer in dogs (and other critters, like people)

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