July 6, 2023

Glencadia Boarding Insurance (GBI)

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Glencadia Boarding Insurance (GBI)

The GBI is an insurance policy that covers emergency medical costs for a dog while boarding at Glencadia Dog Camp. A Glencadia customer can now buy a GBI policy for medical coverage during the time their dog is in the care of Glencadia Dog Camp as a boarder.

The cost of the policy is $4 per night. In order to purchase a policy, you will have to review the terms and conditions in DocuSign. Basically, if you buy the policy, you will not pay for any vet care while your dog is at camp. This policy is designed for emergency conditions, as explained in detail in the PDF at DocuSign.

In the unlikely event of an accident, if you do not buy the policy, we will have to try to reach you to arrange payment to a vet or emergency hospital so that you, the owner, would have to pay the health care provider directly.

The plan is that the funds from the customer payments for insurance will go into a separate account only for medical payments. Once we reach the highest possible number for coverage, such that we are sure we can cover almost any issue, we would use any additional funds to cover the medical expenses of families with pets who cannot pay for vet care for their animals. Once we reach the threshold of funds, we will open a portal for pet-owning families with limited funds.

The option for insurance is available on the new Glencadia Reservation System (GRS).

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