April 17, 2020


By glencadia2  

When the work in your inbox is tangled up, you need to Dejangle. 

Dejangle: an on-demand live tutoring service through Discord. 

Expertise at your fingertips, anytime. 


What is Dejangle?

Dejangle is an on-demand tutoring service that links tutors and students for short tutoring sessions on any subject at any time of day without an appointment. Math, science, humanities, music, film, tech: in every field, everyone needs some help some of the time. 


Google can’t answer every problem. There isn’t always a video that explains the issue. Sometimes, the answers you can find in every message board out there are all off-base. Maybe you need a lot of help, maybe a little. You just need to know something. Someone has to explain it, preferably right now. Who? Where? Dejangle!


Where is Dejangle?

Dejangle works on the wonderful platform of Discord. Not just for gamers anymore, Discord allows for video chat, messenger, bots to pay and connect people based on their needs. Dejangle is also planning events for Discord’s new Stage feature. 


How does it work?

If you are studying at any time, anywhere, and need help with a high school or college subject or any other problem set that you can’t get through, you can log onto Dejangle. Look for answers in the free chat areas. If you can’t solve your issue in the message are, you can request a tutor somewhere to help you on a specific issue right then and there. 


On the other hand, if you have expertise in a particular subject, you can log in for 15 or 30 minutes, however long you have, from time to time, and make a few bucks, whenever you aren’t busy between other projects. Know calculus and have a few minutes? Why not jump in and make a few quick bucks? Programming language? Latin? Organic chemistry? Musical composition? Video editing? All skill sets are welcome on Dejangle. 


How do you pay for tutoring on Dejangle?

On Dejangle, students can buy tutoring sessions – as short as 15 minutes – at rates set by the algorithm. If you need help right now and can pay, say, 20 dollars, you might be able to get through your mental log jam then go back to studying on your own. If you find a tutor you love, you add that tutor to your favorites list and you can work together in the future. 


Pay only for as much tutoring as you need, when you need it. Pick the kind of tutoring arrangement you need. Try out a variety of tutors until you find one whose methods and style click with you. 


You can set up scheduled tutoring sessions in advance – but you don’t have to. You can establish relationships with tutors for longer periods – but you don’t have to. Maybe you only need a little help at 2AM one day and the next semester you need sustained help with an entire course: it’s up to you.


Why should you offer your tutoring services on Dejangle? 

Tutors on Dejangle have other jobs tutoring, teaching, and doing all kinds of other work. Maybe a quick tutoring gig comes in when you feel like jumping in: why not just give it a try and see if you can make a bit of extra cash? It’s also good for your brain to refresh your knowledge of any coursework that may be growing rusty. Bone up and refresh your memory and get paid to do it – it’s a win-win. 


The future of Dejangle.

In the future, as we build our community of learners and teachers, we plan regular Stage events about topics of interest to our users, from real-world advice on the college applications process to panels on the impact of AI on education in the future. In addition to on-demand tutoring, we offer a variety of other optional resources. Get your invite and jump in!

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