Country vacations for city dogs

Set on a farm with a newly renovated facility in Columbia County, New York, since 2005 Glencadia Dog Camp has been a place for dogs to go on vacation when their owners go away.

Life at Glencadia Dog Camp

Glencadia Dog Camp has offered country vacations for city dogs since 2005: 20 fenced acres, swimming ponds, inside and outside playgrounds, central heat, AC, sidewalk pick up and drop off in New York City Monday and Thursday after 6 PM included, hypoallergenic dog food, bath, new Mercedes Sprinter van, interior accommodations were fully renovated in 2018. Our historic and newly rebuilt barn has individual interior rooms and many fenced outside spaces ranging from several acre fields to small yards. Dogs can usually go outside and inside as they prefer all day long, often in large fields in supervised social play.

Making a reservation

Once you register your details and log in, you can enter your dog(s) details, then set your dates and pick up arrangements. To view our rates, click here.

Free Pick Up

Pick up and drop off in Manhattan and Brooklyn, on Monday and Thursday after 6 PM is available. Other arrangements, including dropping your dog off at the Camp, are available when making a reservation. To view the map guide of the Free Pick Up area click here.

Latest Photos

Many more pictures available here. More pictures than you can shake a stick at. Want more, check out our youtube channel here.

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Viewing the location of our vans, allows customers to prepare for quicker pickup and drop-off times. To view our GPS locations, click here.

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Google Reviews

Danielle Clark
Danielle Clark
00:51 20 Sep 18
Both me and my dog (Nutella) are OBSESSED with Glencadia Dog Camp! I travel a ton with my job and I found the dog boarding prices in NYC to be absurd. Though my dog seemed to have a nice time at these places, when she would return, she would wreak of dog urine. I had to ask myself, why am I paying such an astronomical amount of money for dog boarding, only for my dog to come home smelling like she’d slept in her own urine? I knew there had to be something better, so I did my research and found Glencadia. After reading the reviews on several different sites, I was pretty confident that this would be a good choice. On the day the van arrived to pick up Nutella, I was pretty nervous but a few days later when she finally returned, I could tell she had a BLAST! Now whenever the van pulls up, Nutella goes crazy (and even urinates out of excitement). The best part about using Glencadia is that they bathe Nutella before she comes homes! What more can you ask for? Your dog will have the time of their life AND get a bath? I wish Glencadia took humans instead of dogs but until they do, I’m so thankful to have finally found a second home for my dog.
Alan Shikverg
Alan Shikverg
18:19 18 Sep 18
We travel extensively so Will and Glencadia have been an absolute god send for us. There’s not enough space to write all the good I’d like to mention on this one review. Just know that my dog is literally never happier and in a better mood than when she gets back from camp. Thank you again Will and team.
Lisa Dent
Lisa Dent
15:45 11 Sep 18
When a friend recommended Glencadia Dog Camp I could hardly believe it. An affordable dog boarding scenario where my dog is picked up from my home and taken to an outdoor oasis upstate? I couldn't believe it but it is as great as it sounds! I have been so happy with Glencadia. My dog comes back healthy, happy, and clean because they give her a bath before bringing her home! Can't say enough great things about my experience with them. Highly recommend.
Thomas Galfano
Thomas Galfano
21:36 09 Sep 18
We just got back to NYC after leaving our Golden Doodles at Glencadiia for 2 full days. I guess the measure of success comes from how they look at first glance when getting them back. They looked happy and their greeting so typical with not seeing us. They were just adding a new kennel area, so they had some room for our 2 dogs. Oh Yeah- this was total last minutes, the other 15 kennels in the area did not pick up. So we were lucky got the right place. I would use Glencadia any time I need a kennel in the area, which is annual for use. After spending a few moments with them before we left, I felt comfortable with the stay. I can recommend Glencadia to any one needing a dog kennel in the area.
Erik Gerlach
Erik Gerlach
17:14 10 Aug 18
Dottie came back from Glencadia after 2.5 weeks thinner and immensely happier with her look and her love of life, dogs and people. The group at Glencadia have it mapped out real good with a good staff and great facility. I keep on recommending this camp to anyone needing a vacation for a dog to vacation for themselves and for their dog. Love them!
agnes salavert
agnes salavert
18:36 31 Jul 18
First year for Zizou our Corgie, he stayed for 1 month. He had a blast . highly recommend the camp. received pictures and video while away . wonderful pick up and drop off at your front door.will definitely send him again .
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