August 8, 2019

Fat Dog, Skinny Dog

By glencadia2  
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Owners sometimes complain that their dog is skinnier or perhaps fatter than when s/he left for camp. Looking at the dog every day – along with a lot of other dogs every day – we might not notice incremental changes in weight. The obvious solution is a scale, which we have had for a while. The problem with the obvious solution is the obvious time it takes to weigh everyone. It really isn’t a burden in and of itself – but there is so much going on here. Another trip to the pond or weigh all the dogs? Should we open up the fences and re-surface the smaller yards with new mulch or weigh all the dogs? Is it time to work on sticking and malfunctioning gate handles or weigh all the dogs? And the obvious solution to getting all this done is to hire more people. If I hire more people, I will have to raise the price.

Yesterday, the answer was, yes, weigh all the dogs. From now on, once a week we will make sure we get to this, same as cleaning out the van twice a week, get the pressure washer out for the terrace area and the rugs, fire up the washing machine, or repair dog beds. Here is how the weigh-in weighed out:

Grizzly Bear weighed in at 136 pounds (ca. 62 kg). Xander at 10.41 pounds (4.72 kg). You mean the same species of animal can vary from 10 to 140 pounds? Adults weight? Wow. Nuts. Now look in the photo galleries and figure out who Xander and Grizzly might be… shouldn’t be too hard.

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