October 19, 2023

Food for Dogs

By glencadia2  

You’ve heard of farm-to-table? Now try farm-to-bowl.

Humans can dream of the future, enjoy art, write, etc. Meanwhile, we don’t know what goes on in a dog’s head but we do know they love …. DINNER! For dogs, good food is complete happiness.

While we figure out the meaning of our lives, we can increase the happiness quotient in the universe with a few clicks: Glencadia Premium Organic Chef-Made Hudson Valley Food for Dogs

Subscribe to happiness, delivered to your doorstep.

Our food is made from organic local Hudson Valley ingredients: meat from Iqra Meat Processing, Roxbury Farm, with the generous use of the commercial kitchen of Gnome Bistro. Lamb, beef, squash, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, and minerals, made by chefs Fernando Castro and Philip Schools.

You can pick a plan with food only or include grooming, country romp play, pick up and delivery in NYC, for an additional fee. We call these packages Spa Getaways.

Great food, mental health relief, cleansing, exercise: a complete dog mind/boady health/happiness package.



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