July 4, 2023

Indepence! And a new website!

By glencadia2  

…it’s coming.

Here at Glencadia our customized reservation system (GRS, Glencadia Reservation System) was built in 2009 in PERL/CGI and has done admirable work for 14 years. However, the GRS 1.0 is dead, long live the GRS 2.0!

And on the topic of dog freedom, there is this.


We have changes here on the ground (new fences, new yards), but those will have to wait for another blog post.

The new website/GRS is ready. Here are some great new features:

  1. Great security
  2. Payments through Stripe
  3. Easy cancelation, change to existing reservation
  4. Google/Apple login
  5. Individual galleries of dog photos
  6. AI dog photo recognition (in contract: Spot Spotter)
  7. Priority booking at busy times for existing, silver and gold customers
  8. Dog health insurance
  9. DocuSign terms and conditions registration
  10. Tour booking system
  11. Cost estimator for reservations
  12. Service area map

In order to continue to offer pick-up and delivery to all our existing customers, we have had to add a small fee for those in outlying areas.

Glencadia remains far less expensive than other similar options.

Unlike other similar dog camp model operations, our base rate is the HIGHEST possible rate you will pay for basic overnight care. If you have made 5 or 10 reservations, if you have more than one dog, if your stay is long the price per night DECREASES.

Some of our news is a little sadder. A good dog…

More to come soon!

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