July 7, 2020

Inside the Dog House

By glencadia2  

If you look around our website or social media, you see a lot of dog outside playing. This video is just an average day. Mellow chilling video. We do edited videos that are meant to entertain and inform! Competition at its finest! Here at Glencadia our dogs write letters home. Snow is fun. And sports – let the games begin. Just 30 seconds. And to show you how to defend your hole. 

Here we are coming in hot! Here you can see the whole place pretty much. Here they are playing music.

Here we are hanging out live in the barn. Can you believe this is what I do for a living?

Sometimes people want to see the INSIDE of the barn – not just the 20 fenced acres where we play. We post interior shots and videos frequently and they are mixed in all over the blog. Here for example is a fairly average day with some interior shots.


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We have crates for dogs that like them or people who request them (crate training). But in general they sleep on cots and blankets – quite comfortable and good for use to clean. There are many rooms – 82 in fact – but we often don’t use many of them and let a couple dogs who are good friends share a large room, each with their own bed. This doesn’t work for all dogs, as some have to be by themselves. Others are couples from the same household… it depends on how they all get along but in general they seem MUCH happier when they have company if that is possible (usually, it is possible).

Here you can walk around in about a minute. Or here is just a shot walking around one April day. Or, if you prefer, a normal day in November.



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In 2018, we remodeled the “new side” of the kennel. There we put in a cement floor, added a new furnace, insulation, whole house AC, running hot and cold water, bathroom, fridge, bathtub, woodstove, etc. It’s beautiful and we’re proud of it. Eight yards are connected to this side of the kennel so there are plenty of options to mix and match dogs. If one dog is not getting along with others, s/he could still have a yard all day (access to outside) and if we have a group who are doing great together and should stay together at night, we can let them have a yard as well.

Please note the cots in the video below. We have a design for washable beds that works well for us – we can spray them off, they are comfortable, and should a dog show up here with fleas, god forbid, they would have no place to lay eggs.

In 2019-20 we remodeled the “old side” of the 1904 post and beam barn. The foundation and roof are in excellent shape, we repainted the entire huge building, the fire alarms and sprinklers are up to snuff, and the heating and cooling systems are brand new. This brings us up to 6000 SF of insulated, interior space available to dogs. We like to let them out and explore the whole thing when many people are there to supervise – up the stairs, down… After exploring while we clean and maintain the space, then going out to the fields, they are usually quite ready to rest and relax by 11 AM in the morning.

1500 sf (new side) has AC and the rest (old side) has a sophisticated air circulation system to keep the warm air heading down in the winter when the heat is on and the hot air moving up and out of the building at night in the summer to cool the place off all day. Insulating a space this huge was a challenge and we did it. This “old” side includes the massive inside playground.

In addition to the five large fields (total of about 18 acres) for romping mornings and evenings, we have 16 yards around the barn. This means that no dog will be stuck inside if the weather is halfway decent. We have 64 spaces where we could put dogs – rooms of various sizes. We can feed every dog by him or herself if we need to, for example.

Inside photography is a bit trickier than outside videos and photos. However, we have plenty of interior shots sprinkled in the monthly photo albums linked on this site. The problem is to find the pictures.

Take a look at these video – about a minute each – and see if this helps.



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