January 15, 2021

Danielle Infantino Queens Nurse Joann Miller Corrections Officer

By glencadia2  
New York State Department of Corrections

This post is unfortunate. I was the victim of some fraudsters, con artists. The people mentioned here sent me a dog with a pre-existing hernia and infected testicle, as they admitted on Facebook and in texts to our staff. We noticed the problem immediately, contacted them, then took the dog to the vet. They did not pick up the dog from the emergency room as instructed by the vet, and he nevertheless survived. We returned the dog in about the same sorry state we picked him up. Then, these con artists tried to get us to pay thousands in surgery. When we declined, they mounted a fake GoFundMe page which smeared the reputation of the business and me personally.

In essence, a person sent a dog with a pre-existing condition to Glencadia. That person told us that they did not want the dog and that they were not traveling and admitted in writing that the dog needed surgery for many years. When the dog did not die at Glencadia, they launched a GoFundMe page to collect money from the public claiming that the dog was abused at Glencadia. In fact, the dog was abused by the owners who sent a sick and dying dog to boarding for no pressing reason, then ignored our vet telling them to come get the dog Timber before he died. They refused to pick up their dying dog and we returned the dog in the same, sorry, sick state that Timber was in when they sent Timber to us.

This Danielle Infantino. This is libelous bullshit. Danielle Infantino is the person, fraudster and criminal who posted this. Every word in this is a lie.

When I objected to the GoFundMe campaign – as it was full of lies – and posted my side of the story here, the other party, JoAnn Miller, sued me in court for defamation and libel. Eventually, I counter-sued her.

Here is a document in court that is public and anyone should be able to read, signed and sworn an affidavit under penalty of perjury in New York State Supreme Court.

BREAKING! There is a lawsuit pertaining to this matter and I filed papers here. If you are interested, you can read my side of the story there in an affidavit signed under penalty of perjury in New York State Supreme Court by myself.

One of the gang of crooks works for the NYC Dept of Corrections. Leveraging her position, she committed a criminal offense and accused me of a crime I did not commit: dog abuse. She knew with absolute certainty the charge was false when she called the cops.

She did not pay the vet bill for dog while boarded here but Joann Miller makes a lot of money. 2012 Joann Miller Captain Corrections, Department of Annual Wage $110,804

JoAnn Miller is apparently a real person living in Queens or Long Island and working in the Bronx, at least as of 2013, a 17 year veteran of the NYC Department of Corrections. She may actually have some ownership capacity of the dog in question, Timber. It seems, however, that we dealt with Danielle Infantino in terms of communication, booking, picking up, and returning Timber. There is no doubt that the two of them worked together to defraud at least $1600 from the public with a false GoFundMe page. That page should be removed.

JoAnn Miller committed a crime when she told the police that I abused her dog. That claim was false and she knew it was false. The reason, likely, that Miller contacted the police is that she is also sort of a cop, while when it comes to internet libel, extortion, and fraud, Danielle Infantino is the point person.

First, Miller and Infantino attempted to extract money from me for the care of Timber when Timber had a pre-existing condition and received excellent vet care while at our facility, that Miller and Infantino have never paid for.

In 2013, JoAnn Miller was employee of the month. 
November 2013
Joann Miller EMTC

Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC) Formerly known as CIFM appears to be where she works or at least where she worked in 2013.
Prison in the Bronx, New York 11105
Phone: (718) 546-5720

JoAnn Miller is, nevertheless, guilty of making a false report and it involved in an ongoing fraud campaign that includes a false financial instrument and the fraudulent gain of $1600 that is tantamount to theft.

Infantino, in collaboration with JoAnn Miller, is guilty of slander and libel.

Here are some court filings. Or if you prefer, you can click on this document in the public record.

Am I “doxing” her? Well, my name and address are online. All the information in this post is available online. If I doxed her, she doxed me first. She shouldn’t do fraud and conspire with crooks to lie and steal.

Miller is represented by Henry R. Kaufman, P.C., 60 East 42nd Street, 47th Floor, New York, NY 10165, 914-589-7963, Hkaufman@hrkaufman.com Www.hrkaufman.com

He sent me a “cease and desist” letter that apparently didn’t work. I neither ceased nor desisted in stating my side of the story – the truth – in response to the lies these alias-using double-named cheaters posted in their campaign of fraud and extortion.

You can contact that lawyer to get the other side of the story.

Miller and/or Infantino working in collaboration published inflammatory and libelous information about me and my business on or about January 20, 2021 at the non-working link below:


Here is some fraud and libel.

This libelous pack of lies included my name and the name of my business originally. 

JoAnn Miller’s name is on this document even now. I have screenshots of this post with my name on it.

Further, they encouraged their Facebook followers to leave fake one-star reviews. If people did not send their dogs to Glencadia, they should not be leaving reviews.

Here, below, Infantino’s boyfriend, Miles Miller, also known as Miles Molinero admits the dog needed surgery prior to coming to camp, as Infantino/JoAnn Miller confirmed in text messages we have preserved:


PDF of the affidavit with attachments.

Further links to documents pertaining to the con woman, Danielle Infantino, using the alias of Joann Miller (or otherwise associated with JoAnn Miller)

Danielle Infantino
Valley Stream, NY

Oh wait, Miles Molinero could be JoAnn Miller’s son, as they both sometimes use Miller as a last name and Danielle Infantino could be JoAnn’s daughter-in-law. They have not been at all clear about this stuff, as they intended to extort money from us, sending us a dying dog and then blaming us when he died, or getting us to pay for surgery he already needed before he came, or doing a fraudulent GoFundMe page maligning my business…

It’s a con job. JoAnn Miller works with prisoners, then plays around with crime on her free time, making false reports, slandering people, and posting false financial instruments online to defraud people on money on false pretenses. She gets her daughter-in-law involved, or however Miles and Danielle are related to JoAnn, not that I care, but they divided up the fraud/crime duties in this petty, destructive, dishonest scheme.

William Pflaum, being duly sworn, deposes and says: This affidavit pertains to any matter related to the stay of the dog Timber at Glencadia Dog Camp. I, the undersigned, William Pflaum, do hereby declare under the penalty of perjury as follows:

The dog Timber, an 11-year old uncastrated pitbull, received excellent and superior care at Glencadia Dog Camp. JoAnn Miller, perhaps formerly of Hollis Queens, likely an alias of Danielle Infantino, a criminal, and her associates as named below who may have contacted the police have made an illegal false report to the police. Danielle Infantino (aka JoAnn Miller) knows with absolute certainty that the care Timber received at Glencadia was of high quality and in no way criminal or in any way actionable under civil law. If she claims that a crime occurred, that is false, as she certainly knows, and therefore illegal. I hereby request the police act accordingly and arrest JoAnn Miller for filing a false report, as explained in detail below. I also call on the legal authorities to arrest JoAnn Miller and possibly her associates for fraud. Please take this sworn affidavit submitted in-person to State Police Trooper Summer as an official request for an investigation of JoAnn Miller and her associates for criminal behavior. Further, Miller and her associates are guilty of violating civil law in the areas of libel and fraud.

JoAnn Miller (or Danielle Infantino, somehow associated) and her associates as named below are attempting to defraud people of their money. The Timber boarding scheme is part of an attempt con or fraud to derived ill-gotten funds and as such, with lies, false police reports, intentional deception, publishing fake financial instruments, libel, defamation, slander, is part of a pattern of criminal behavior. After failing to defraud me of money, Miller and her associates have published a libelous and false GoFundMe page which has defrauded people of their money through internet payments on false pretenses.

A person claiming to be JoAnn Miller and using telephone number 718-736-3679 contact our chat system (text 518-333-9202 but also accessible by clicking the icon on the glencadia.com website) on Sunday, November 29, 2020. This person said, “Hello. I would like to board Timber long-term. I had seen a cost of $500. Please clarify what rate for long-term. I definitely need December 3rd thru January 2nd. Thank you.” Patricia, Glencadia employee, spoke to her on the phone about a possible stay for Timber. Patricia tells me that JoAnn Miller reported that she needed to board Timber for a variety of reasons and was inconsistent about why she needed dog boarding. The woman claiming to be JoAnn Miller also told Patricia that she worked for the NYC Department of Corrections.

NYC Department of Correction 126-01 82nd Ave, Kew Gardens, NY 11415

New York City Correction Department 60 Hudson St # 600 New York, NY 10004

Later this same contact wrote, “Hello, and thank you for your response. With regard to pick up, we live in Springfield Gardens, Queens, NY, 11413. How is the pick up arranged: do all new boarders meet at a common location? I am still not confirmed on what day as yet. Thanks again.”

JoAnn Miller (or Danielle Infantino) booked a stay at Glencadia for her dog Timber, putting the following information in our reservation system: Ms. JoAnn Miller, 229-19 Merrick Boulevard Suite 347, Laurelton New York 11413 718736367, jm92971654@gmail.com

She also supplied this note: “1034 Arthur Street, Uniondale, NY 11553 for drop off. Timber’s dad is Miles, phone 718.962.5585.” milesmiller15@gmail.com

The account also lists the following info:
Timber DOB 5 Aug 2009 Male Pit bull
Rabies Number: 079558 Rabies Date: 17 Jan 2020
Rabies Local: Central Veterinary Associates
Distemper Local: Timber loves to sleep and relax, but he still has a lot of “play” in him. His interactions are best with female dogs similar in size. He mostly prefers to be with humans. It was a pleasure speaking to you. Timber does not always socialize well with other dogs. His response varies depending on gender
Dog Fixed: No

The terms and conditions of this boarding agreement are annexed to this affidavit. Also, payment info. Please note that JoAnn Miller acting as the owner of Timber agreed to the following:

No Liability
Glencadia Dog Camp accepts no liability for your dog in our care excepting an act of gross negligence. By sending your dog to Glencadia, you waiving your right to sue, with the limited exception above.

Terms and Conditions
You must agree to Glencadia Dog Camp terms and conditions. The venue for any legal action stemming from these terms and conditions is Columbia County New York.

No Aggressive Dogs
Routinely or habitually aggressive dogs are not allowed at Glencadia Dog Camp. If your dog has an aggression issue, you must tell us about his or her behavioral issues.

Definition of Boarding
Boarding means we housed the dog. If we housed the dog for more than eight hours or transported the dog in the van for any distance, we have housed the dog as per the definition and a stay has occurred.

Definition of negligence
The standard of gross negligence is under New York State law and by common agreement here Sommer v. Federal Signal Corp., 79 N.Y.2d 540, 554 (1992).

Timber is an aggressive, sick, 11-year-old uncastrated male pit bull. JoAnn Miller should not have sent him for boarding and should not now be dragging the poor old man from vet to vet in a quest to prolong his life, which is no longer of decent quality. Her lack of concern for other people is compounded by her unkind behavior toward her own dog. On November 30, 2020 JoAnn Miller (annexed) wrote “muzzle him and have him around dogs his size or larger.”

Glencadia employee and driver Domonick Daury picked up Timber outside of Central Veterinary Associates at 73 W Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, NY 11580, USA at 9:43 PM Thursday 3 December 2020.

On Friday, December 4, 2020 Glencadia employee Vernon took three pictures of what appeared to be a tumor on Timber’s side. Vernon used his personal iPhone camera and sent me the pictures later by email.

Photos are annexed to this affidavit. As are clearly visible from these photos, Timber, an 11-year old uncastrated pitbull, had a large tumor when he arrived. The tumor had an opening or slit in the side and was dripping yellow mucus. By knowledge and belief, Vernon and Patricia both contacted JoAnn Miller to ask about the sores and tumors. Other photos of Timber’s are also annexed to this document.

At 1:22 PM Vernon Doyle wrote to JoAnn Miller at the phone number above (text): “Hi Joann I’m reaching out for a little more info on Timber, can you please tell us what’s going on around his stomach area?”

Miler responded: “Hi, he has a cryptorchid, an inverted testicle. It is not painful, but will require a complicated neuter procedure. His Veterinary, Central Veterinary, 73 West Merrick Road, Valley Stream, 11580, just assessed him for surgery.”

Thus, Miller admitted that Timber was in need of surgery prior to his arrival at Glencadia. She added, “He might have had a skin reaction to bring in the cage at Central the majority of the day.”

In other words, he was in the care of the vet prior to his boarding at Glencadia.

Although Glencadia provides social dog boarding Timber could not socialize with any dog at any time. He is an aggressive pitbull. He was lethargic and did not eat well at any time, from day one. On the morning December 10, 2020 Timber’s room was full of diarrhea. He did not eat breakfast. As the day went on, he got worse and seemed to be fading. He could not stand up. Although his shift was over, Vernon took Timber to the vet.

On December 12, 2020, Dr. Bernando Mongil did blood work and gave Timber an exam. By knowledge and belief, these tests showed an ongoing underlying condition causing anemia and possibly fatal, such as cancer or other disorder. Given Timber’s terrible condition, immediate treatment occurred to prevent his imminent death. These services cost $240 and Glencadia Dog Camp paid for these services without any reimbursement from JoAnn Miller. Her contact with Glencadia states:

Vet Bills
Customer responsible for vet bills regardless of cause of vet visit.

The vet, by knowledge and belief, informed JoAnn Miller that her dog is in critical condition and that she needed to come get him immediately. She declined to do so.

Vern continued to provide additional medical care in terms of giving Timber medicine for the rest of his stay at no additional cost.

At 6:28 PM on December 10, 2020, I wrote to JoAnn Miller: “Hello Jo Ann. Timber seemed sick today and went to the vet. He had diarreah, didn’t eat breakfast, and was listless. In the afternoon we decided to go the vet. The vet found elevated white blood cells and he’s on anitbiotics. We’ll keep you updated but he does seem a little better this evening. He’s just not doing well. I can put you in touch with the vet for more info and I will email you the receipt with some diagnostic info. Thank you.”

As per reservation, Timber was returned on Thursday 17 December 2020. JoAnn Miller wrote, “Our new address is 1034 Arthur Street, Uniondale, NY 11553. Timber’s dad is Miles, phone 718.962.5585. Please text Miles with updates on his return. Thank you!” Timber was returned to his address on December 17, 2020 at 10:47 PM with phone 718-962-5585, Miles, as contact.

Miller wrote an email on Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 2:53 PM, annexed to this affidavit. On Sat, Dec 19, 5:16 PM, I wrote: “Hello Jo Ann, Thank you for sending Timber. I personally wasn’t the one who took him to the vet – Vern did that and we have the receipt here. Carmen who works with Dr. Mongil can also speak to you. The condition was rather serious – or so we thought – and we rushed to the vet. He was throwing up and had diarrhea. The condition stabilized after we started the medicine but he never put back on the weight he lost. It seemed like a serious medical problem to me but I’m not sure of the diagnosis if any. I’m glad Timber made it home okay. He also has a large apparently benign tumor when he came – not sure what the story is with that either. We will discuss and contact you again. Thanks.”

After this email, I spoke to the vet, who told me he called JoAnn Miller and told her to come pick up her dog, which she refused to do.

After this, JoAnn Miller seems to have initiated a campaign of internet terror. A key player in this coordinated campaign of slander and libel is Danielle Infantino of Valley Stream, NY. Danielle Infantino may possibly work at Mount Sinai South Nassau as a Patient Care Technician. She is the author of a fundraising page. As of December 29, 2020 at 10:21 this fraudulent campaign has raised $1,467 on false pretenses. The names of the defrauded parties are listed on the link above.

Kay Danner, Rosemarie Londono, and Melissa Tardi have all given Glencadia bad reviews on Google or Facebook and posted false stories using the name that we abused Timber. All of these people are associated with JoAnn Miller.

Internet slander and libel is ongoing. Hundreds of shared stories are circulating. There is no basis to the claim that Timber received anything but superior care in our facility.

Miles Miller admitted that Timber had a pre-existing condition online, then deleted the post, although we have a screen capture. Rosemarie Londono is a primary player in this campaign of lies and fraud.

Significantly, the GoFundMe campaign posts images of vet bills. These vet bills would constitute a false financial instrument, in that they in no way pertain in any way to any abuse. By knowing and falsely labeling these invoices as proof of abuse, the invoices themselves are false financial instruments used to defraud the public of their money on false pretenses.

I would call on the State Police, Central Veterinary Associates, GoFundMe, Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center of Westbury, Mount Sinai South Nassau, and the NYC Department of Corrections to take action to stop this malicious campaign of delamination, fraud, and false police reports by ceasing to allow JoAnn Miller and Danielle Infantino to spread lies on the internet without consequence, to waste police resources, to abuse the generosity of the public on GoFundMe and commit fraud, libel and filing false reports of crimes.


Will Pflaum

More of Danielle. Give her a wide berth! She’s a con artist and criminal.

Here is Danielle Infantino’s Yelp page; very classy!

And watch out for Miles too.




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