July 7, 2020

Glencadia List

By glencadia2  

From time to time I do more than repost Instagram posts, YouTube videos and Google Photos here on the blog.

This list is an index of topics that may be of interest.

Here is a post on why we discourage customers from sending their own food.

About how to check on your dog from afar.

Here is a blog post about prices and registration fee.

About medications for your dog.

If you’d like to know where the dogs sleep here is the link: https://www.glencadia.com/inside/

If you are interested in how an average day goes here at Glencadia: https://www.glencadia.com/a-dogs-day-at-glencadia/

If you want to know about how we deal with nervous dogs: https://www.glencadia.com/nervous-nellie/

Here is a post about the free pick up van: https://www.glencadia.com/thefreevan/

If you want to know how we compare the dog camp experience compared to the kids camp experience (dogs and kids and about cuts and scratches): https://www.glencadia.com/camp-for-dogs-camp-for-kids/

Here is an essay about dog moods: https://www.glencadia.com/mood/

Why dogs might gain or lose weight at camp: https://www.glencadia.com/weight/

How we deal with aggressive dogs and other issues: https://www.glencadia.com/dog-management/

About green stuff in the pond: https://www.glencadia.com/pond/

Here is something about those “let the dogs out” videos of the dogs running free: https://www.glencadia.com/chaos-in-context/

About prices: https://www.glencadia.com/rates/

Here is an essay about how we charge: https://www.glencadia.com/about-our-prices-at-glencadia-dog-camp/

About getting a dog portrait: https://www.glencadia.com/portraits/

About renovations: https://www.glencadia.com/glencadia-2-0/

Here is a blog post about communicating when the van is on the road or when your dog is at camp.

About where the pick up free van will go: https://www.glencadia.com/free-pick-up-area-map-guide/

Here is an essay on mutts versus purebred dogs: https://www.glencadia.com/muttorpurebred/

Thanksgiving 2022: https://www.glencadia.com/thanksgiving-2022/

Holiday Hours 2022: https://www.glencadia.com/holiday-hours-2022/

About any discounts and programs currently on offer: https://www.glencadia.com/discounts/

About Country Dogs, LLC, kind of dated and irrelevant: https://www.glencadia.com/cdogs/ ‎

About our historic red barn and images before we renovated: https://www.glencadia.com/renovations-under-way/

About frogs: https://www.glencadia.com/peepers-out-2020/

About a book I wrote (Will, 2016): https://www.glencadia.com/under-two-maples-2016/

About the “luxury” market: https://www.glencadia.com/luxury-is-the-opposite-of-quality/

Here is a page about resources for people in difficult situations who cannot care for their dog at present: https://www.glencadia.com/alternatives/

About another book I wrote (Will, 2009): https://www.glencadia.com/dog-stories/

This blog post is about how Google ranks stuff as it pertains to us here.

Here are some videos that show you more of what we do here:

Here is a single day inside and out: https://www.glencadia.com/aday/

Invest in Glencadia: https://www.glencadia.com/plan/

This video walks around in the barn (prior to last renovation round competition): https://youtu.be/31W_K2nrVhs

Here is us having some fun: https://youtu.be/JBSqhfbDf3g

Digging a hole: https://youtu.be/uQDM7eGj0TM

Chasing a drone: https://youtu.be/hTkTINAk4Nk

Cleaning up: https://youtu.be/JOy7G0qNT7I

Staff: https://youtu.be/g1ubtTvlA-A

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