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There are three ways to deliver and pick up your dog from Glencadia.

1) We offer free or low-cost service on our regularly scheduled van, usually on Monday and Thursday in the evening.

2) Customers are welcome to come to our site at certain times to drop off and pick up their dog at camp.

3) Lastly, customers can pay for door-to-door individual premium pick-up or drop-off at select times.

4) Check you location for which options are available to you.

      The area map serves as a guide only. It’s not really that if you live inside the area we can always accomodate pick up for free on Monday and Thursday but pretty likely we can. If you are inside the area, we will contact you to confirm location and firm up pick up and drop off times.

      If outside of our coverage area for free collection and delivery on Monday and Thursday evenings. Please get in touch to see if we can arrange a spot and time to meet up or figure out another option. Thank you.