November 23, 2022

Dog Medication

By glencadia2  

This blog post is about how to send medications for your dog at camp and about our ability to vaccinate your dog for bordetella/kennel cough.

  1. If your dog has meds, please give us only what we need for the stay or keep a few days in reserve. We may not return the medication with the dog at the end of the stay. If your dog comes home without the medication, you should be prepared and this should not be an emergency.
  2. Please put any notes about medical issues in your reservation or here in this message area. Telling the driver about the medication or giving us paper notes with the medication is not sufficient. We need specific information in digital form included in your reservation comment field.
  3. There are extra fees for the provision of medicines while at camp
  4. We also offer a Bordatella / Kennel Cough Nasal Vaccine for $ 20 as a booster but do not provide any documentation that you can use with any other boarding facility as proof of vaccination.

Thank you for working with us to allow for dogs with medical issues to attend camp.

We have a nasal spray kennel cough vaccine in stock. Some people suggest that the nasal version of the vaccine works a bit quicker than the injection. Ideally, the vaccine should be taken care of two weeks prior to possible exposure to the disease, but if the dog is already vaccinated for Bordetella in the last year and a bit, a nasal booster might help prevent infection or reduce the severity of the cough. The vaccine has to be shipped cold and refrigerated. We charge a minimal amount to do this procedure because we can’t offer any kind of certificate to verify we did this for any other dog care facility when they request proof.

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