January 20, 2023

Changes to Fees and Prices

By glencadia2  

New Fees Coming for Pick up and Drop Off Outside of Our Core Area

Here at Glencadia we have striven to keep prices reasonable. While other comparable dog boarding facilities charge for pick up and delivery, plus far higher over night stays, the rates we charge have always been what strikes us as reasonable for a family or other dog owner planning a trip.

For people residing in our core areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn pick up and drop off scheduled delivery van service generally on Monday and Thursday will continue to be included with a stay at camp. Starting in April 2023, other areas outside the core area can still use the scheduled van but will have to pay $50 or $75 per trip depending on their location.

The fee is based on the extra cost of of the dog delivery service when a single address is 15 or 20 minutes off the natural driving route. This might mean 30 to 45 minutes extra for a driver – or we often have to schedule an extra driver. Meanwhile, if there is a stop that is close to other stops, that additional stop will likely only add 10-15 minutes to the overall time to complete the route.

I hope our great New Jersey, Bay Ridge, Forest Hills, and Chappaqua customers will understand the math explained here and continue to use the convenient scheduled dog van which usually runs on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Fees for Intact Dogs

Our social boarding model is designed to offer our dog campers the maximum enjoyment and freedom to play and explore. Despite the fact that our packs can get pretty big and the dogs are together playing all day, we have an excellent safety record. One of the reasons we can have this much fun and give the dogs so much freedom is that the vast majority are fixed or spayed. It’s not that intact dogs are necessarily more aggressive – the social dynamics are more complicated and variable than that. However, the extra factors make it hard to create and manage safe group play in several different ways when even one of the dogs in the group is an intact male or a female who may have signs of heat at any time.

We will continue to accept dogs that are intact – male and female dogs that have not been castrated or spayed. However, generally intact dogs do not get to enjoy the complete camp experience and their socialization options are limited. Since we need to spend more time with intact dogs to assure that they have play time and social time, we have to charge an extra fee. Again, intact dogs will not usually be free to play in group and will have less play time than those who do not have the hormones associated with sexuality.

Thank you for your understanding for those of you who chose not to fix or spay your dogs.


The extra time and attention it takes to track and safely administer medicine requires us to add an additional fee for sending a dog to camp with meds.



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