December 10, 2022

New Policies and Procedures at Glencadia, December 2022

By glencadia2  

Hello everyone!

After a recent staff meeting we’ve made a few decisions and changes and these might apply to some of the plans of our customers, so here we go:

  1. Unneutered/unspayed/in-tact dogs will soon incur a special service fee. In-tact dogs sometimes are able to enjoy the full Glencadia social experience but often not… and usually there are extra precautions and risks, so we’re trying to keep the numbers of in-tact dogs down and provide compensation for the additional effort we need to accommodate these dogs.
  2. Long-Term boarding is only available to customers who have booked two previous stays over a longer period of time. In our experience, too many people who claim to be going on a long-term work assignment or something … well, let’s just say it sometimes doesn’t work the way the long-term arrangement was planned.

Some older blog posts might not be loading… ever. I don’t imagine this is an issue, as I don’t think a lot of people visit the website to see their dog playing some time in the distant past.

New policies and procedures for this month, but the same “let the dogs out!” philosophy. We’re a growing company and change is inevitable – so brace yourself for more soon.

Thanks for sending your dog to camp (assuming you have or will) and we do our best to let the dogs have fun safely without breaking the bank of our customers, with maximum convenience for our NYC dog families… and we’re getting that job done!

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