July 16, 2020

If you have a pet and life, you need Glencadia

By glencadia2  

This is a business plan. This blog post is the background to the plan. Again, PDF plan.

In 2018, I borrowed, invested, and hired people and expanded Glencadia but I’ve been doing this for awhile, working with dogs.

I have interacted with vets and other providers for years. I don’t see what I would like as a customer: a place I can go and solve all my pet service needs at once. I don’t like how vet records move around. They are YOUR records and you shouldn’t have to make a call to move them from point A to point B. I don’t think it makes sense for pet owners to lose as much time as they do scheduling and going to appointments. It should be easier. Why should people give up free time or take off work because of their pet? And the prices! Too high.

I get pitches from marketplaces and others trying to get me to fold my business into their “platform” but I never consider joining any of these places: why would I? I assume the “platform” isn’t going to be designed for what I do.

Vets are like me in this regard: they get pitches all the time but pass every time. Why bother? There is a limited supply of vets produced with veterinarian accreditation every year and a large pool of cats and dogs to service. Why change? They have a straight forward old school path to a successful practice and they like it the way it is.

But this log-jam stinks for the customer, in my opinion. Please let me know what you think. As someone who only recently discovered debt and advertising, pitching to investors and expanding as per the above link is likely to be unfamiliar territory for me – and, as predicted, it is completely unfamiliar! But there is an idea here and I think we could do it.

Thanks for looking at this, Will

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