April 2, 2021

Spring and Hope (and a good photo link)

By glencadia2  

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for sending your dog to camp with Spring/Easter/Passover season. We had surprise late-season snow, after some really hot days. Spring is feeling very optimistic to me, like, well, we might be getting to the end…  I don’t want to jinx anything. Fingers crossed. (And no, I’m not superstitious – in theory.)
Also, I might not have picked the best pictures for Instagram. Try this link today and tomorrow and there should be plenty to see: https://www.glencadia.com/april-2021/

Scroll to the end to see the most recent photos and check the blog at glencadia.com to see new folders of photos and videos. We will also update Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with selected (sometimes randomly) photos and videos but keeping your eye on the website is the best way to see every picture.
Please text or email or call if you have questions or need an update. The number +1 (518) 333 9202 text can reach all of us here – Patricia with administration, the driver when we’re on the road, or Vern and the team in the kennel, depending on the question. And me of course.

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