July 6, 2023


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With our new GRS system tours can be booked, modified and cancelled easily. In order to book a tour, a user will need to create an account. This can be easily done with an email address and confirmation email, or by using an existing Google or Apple account with one click.

Coming soon: Virtual Tours – join a staff person for a remote walk around and save yourself a drive. These will be booked the same way we do in-person tours… so log in and make an account. 

When a customer wants to book a reservation, they will need to add a dog profile, approve terms and conditions, and provide us with more details to reach owners as needed. However, to simply create an account for a tour only, users only need to provide an email address, or allow access through an existing account.

So, click here, make an account and book a tour. No need to provide all details at this time.

Once the account is created and the tour booked, the user can log in and cancel or modify the time. You will receive transactional emails reminding you of the appointment.

We book one tour per hour usually on mornings when we do not have to prepare dogs and vans for the scheduled dog delivery route. The tours should take about 15 minutes but we don’t want tours to get in the way of other work with the dogs, so we space the tours out.

If you are traveling all the way here, it would be a shame not to also enjoy some of the great activities here in the Hudson Valley and Columbia County.  Make a day of it!

Some of my favorites are these:

Local products – you can try Love Apple. About a mile or so from Glencadia. There is a new great farm stand on Route 9 in Stockport… and more listed here.

Near Hudson

If you decide to try Hudson, NY (Warren Street is full of great restaurants), you might want to visit a couple of beautiful spots on your way in or out of town, such as the Greenport Conservation Area (between Glencadia and Hudson) for a lovely hike or, after Hudson, you can get the INCREDIBLE views and take a hike or go on a tour at Olana.

Near Kinderhook/Stuyvesant

If you want to go somewhere closer, Kinderhook is a short car ride (or bike on the rail trail) away. Samascotts has a store, pick your own fruit, and a corn maze in the fall. Pico de Gallo for great food, mixed drinks, and sunsets over the Hudson. The trail to the Ice House from Nutten Hook is a great hike. Start at Nutten Hook Boat Launch on the Hudson. And check out the corresponding and interesting children’s book by our local author that explains the ruins (and shows some dramatic global warming.)

Near Chatham

The other great place to visit is heading east toward the town of Chatham. Ooms pond is amazing. Chatham a great movie theater (beautiful 1920s restored). The Pub has new owners. The brewery, Chatham beer, is great. The town park Crellin has a pond you can swim in and trails next to a creek, in addition to all sports, tennis, skateboard, playgrounds. You can also go to Borden Pond to walk around but Ooms Pond is better.

Outdoor (trails, etc.)

The Albany-Hudson Electric Rail Trail is close to us.

The trails behind the Martin Van Buren Historic Site are lovely (hiking or mountain bike).

If its winter, the closest ski place is Catamount.


The Martin Van Buren Historic Site is worth a visit and close to Glencadia.

The Van Alen House is restored to appear as a Dutch house on the frontier in the 1600s and is also quite close, with variable hours.

The Hawthorne Valley association of a school, store and farm is a gorgeous and a fascinating institution worth a visit. Combine a trip to Hawthorne Valley with a hike to High Falls. These stops are in the direction of Philmont – and Local 111 is a fantastic restaurant if you go that way.


Performance Space at PS21

Art Omi

The School

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