Country vacations for city dogs

Set on a farm with a newly renovated facility in Columbia County, New York, since 2005 Glencadia Dog Camp has been a place for dogs to go on vacation when their owners go away.

Life at Glencadia Dog Camp

Glencadia Dog Camp has offered country vacations for city dogs since 2005: 20 fenced acres, swimming ponds, inside and outside playgrounds, central heat, AC, sidewalk pick up and drop off in New York City Monday and Thursday after 6 PM included, hypoallergenic dog food, bath, new Mercedes Sprinter van, interior accommodations were fully renovated in 2018. Our historic and newly rebuilt barn has individual interior rooms and many fenced outside spaces ranging from several acre fields to small yards. Dogs can usually go outside and inside as they prefer all day long, often in large fields in supervised social play.

Making a reservation

Once you register your details and log in, you can enter your dog(s) details, then set your dates and pick up arrangements. To view our rates, click here.

Free Pick Up

Pick up and drop off in Manhattan and Brooklyn, on Monday and Thursday after 6 PM is available. Other arrangements, including dropping your dog off at the Camp, are available when making a reservation. To view the map guide of the Free Pick Up area click here.

Latest Photos

Many more pictures available here. More pictures than you can shake a stick at. Want more, check out our youtube channel here.

Track our vans

Viewing the location of our vans, allows customers to prepare for quicker pickup and drop-off times. To view our GPS locations, click here.

Update on COVID19

Changes during the emergency here.

You’re sheltering in place. Your dog doesn’t have to. Glencadia Dog Camp offers emergency packages for NYC residents. Free sidewalk pick up in NYC and some suburbs.

Introduction Video to Glencadia Dog Camp

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Where we are

Visiting Us

Since a family lives at the same location as the dog boarding facility and due to the extra work bathing and grooming on days when dogs go home, we have to limit visiting hours somewhat. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM. Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 AM to 12 noon. We would like to fit all drop-offs, pickups, and visits in these times. Thank you for your cooperation.

11th Annual 2019 Christmas Day Fetch Competition

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Clients Testimonials

Capture the Flag 2019

Let the Dogs Out! #pupstateny @glencadia

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