Enhance any stay with á la carte grooming services.

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Bath Options

Camp Shower

Basic wash using GoTo Shampoo with coconut oil. Excludes blow drying, brushing, de-shedding, and de-matting. Pet may be damp upon return.

Always Included

Deluxe Bath

Includes bath with upgraded deodorizing and moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, blow out and brush out. Deshedding and de-matting are not included.

$ 30

Grooming Services

Teeth Cleaning

$ 15

Teeth brushing with canine mint toothpaste.

Pedicure w/ Dremel Grind

$ 25

Protection between pads and top of feet shaved/trimmed, nail trim w/Dremel grind. This procedure may help prevent the build-up of material in pads and reduce infection.

Face, Foot, & Fanny

$ 65

Our premier service. Nail trim, ear cleaning & teeth cleaning, includes hair shaving/trimming around the face and anus, genital area hair trimming, ear canal cleaning, pad protection, between pads and top of feet shaved/trimmed.

Deshedding / Dematting

$ 40 per hour

Deshedding shampoo and FurMinator brush out, detangling conditioner treatment, thorough comb out of matted fur.

Paragon School of Pet Grooming Certified

Meet the Groomers Drivers Chefs Dog Care Team

Jessica Lead Dog Groomer Spa Glencadia Glencadia Dog Camp

Yessica Arcely

Lead Groomer | Dog Care Team

Jessica plays a vital role in our Dog Care Team and holds the position of Lead Dog Groomer at Spa Glencadia. Excelling in her studies, she has completed three courses at Paragon Pet School with distinction and is poised to finish her fourth and final course in early 2024. Renowned for her rapport with our campers, she has a special talent for forming lasting friendships with every dog that visits Glencadia. She works tirelessly to guarantee that every dog enjoys a top-tier experience during their stay at Camp or visit to our Spa.

Ashlie Dog Care Team Dog Groomer Team Glencadia Glencadia Dog Camp

Ashlie Daury

Groomer | Driver | Dog Care Team

Ashlie, a core member of the Dog Care Team for over four years, is a familiar face to many, especially for those who’ve seen her driving in the city. With the inception of our grooming program, she enthusiastically enrolled in courses at Paragon Pet School to enhance her grooming knowledge. Known for her remarkable memory, Ashlie can recall every regular camper, even those who haven’t visited in a while. Don’t hesitate to greet her with a friendly “hello” next time you spot Ashlie in the city!

Dog grooming Grooming salon glencadia dog camp Dog Care Team

Fernando Castro

Groomer | Driver | Dog Care Team | Chef

Fernando joined our team in May 2023, right at the onset of the bustling summer season. Fernando has worked in Michelin-star kitchens, and most recently The Maker Hotel in Hudson, NY, and previously at The Edition Hotel NYC, The Standard High Line Hotel, and Gotham Bar & Grill to name a few. Notably, he is one of three staff members currently enrolled in Professional Grooming Courses at Paragon Pet Schools. Fernando is an impressive and exceedingly friendly individual. If you happen to see him while he’s driving in the city, don’t hesitate to say hello.

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