Terms And Conditions

No Liability

Glencadia Dog Camp accepts no liability for anything that happens to your dog while boarding or in transit to and from the camp. By making this reservation you are waiving all rights to pursue legal action.


All dogs must have current rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough). Distemper and canine influenza are recommended.


Canceled reservations are entitled either to a credit for future reservations at Glencadia or cash (refunded money). Credits: A cancelation received 48 hours or more prior to the start day of the reservation is entitled to 100% credit of all charges including the reservation fee. A reservation canceled within 48 hours of the day the reservation starts is entitled to 100% credit for the cost of the reservation, minus the reservation fee. Credits are processed instantly. Cash refund: A cancelation received more than 48 hours prior to the start day of the reservation will receive 100% refund in cash, minus the reservation fee which is not refunded. A cancelation received less than 48 hours before the start day of the reservation will receive a refund of 90% of the amount bill, also less the reservation fee. There may be a delay of up to 48 hours to authorize and process after receipt of the cancelation request for the funds to return to the customer according to the method of payment chosen by the customer. Additional delays may occur due to processing issues on the part of the customer’s financial institution chosen to handle payments.

Changes to Reservation

All dogs must have current rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough). Distemper and canine influenza are recommended.


If you give me medicine, please try to give us only as much as your dog will need while at camp. There is a per-reservation fee for medicine. Clearly label the container with the name of the medicine, the name of the dog, and the instructions for giving the medicine. You should also put this information into your reservation in the comments field. Please read and understand this blog post. Dogs at Glencadia may be treated as per manufacturer instructions with ivermectin (the active ingredient in Heartguard), permethrin (the active ingredient in FrontLine/Advantage), and fenbendazole (the active ingredient in Panacur) as needed.

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to Glencadia Dog Camp terms and conditions. The venue for any legal action stemming from these terms and conditions is Columbia County, New York.

Dog Food

You must agree to Glencadia Dog Camp terms and conditions. The venue for any legal action stemming from these terms and conditions is Columbia County, New York.

Vet Bills

Customer is responsible for vet bills regardless of the cause of the vet visit unless Glencadia Boarding Insurance policy is in effect.

Dog Stuff

Please do not send harnesses, choke or metal collars, bowls, or any other dog gear you would like returned. We have everything we need in terms of dog supplies and do not have a system for tracking and returning customer items. Do not send us stuff and then ask for it back.


We do not sell or otherwise monetize our database or your information. We do not share your contact information or details about you or your dog without permission. By publishing false or grossly misleading information or violating any other provision of these terms, clients void the aforementioned provisions as to the sharing of information.

Definition of Negligence

The standard of gross negligence is under New York State law and by common agreement here Sommer v. Federal Signal Corp., 79 N.Y.2d 540, 554 (1992).

No Aggressive Dogs

Routinely or habitually aggressive dogs are not allowed at Glencadia Dog Camp. If your dog has aggression issues, you must tell us about his or her behavioral issues.

Free Van Terms

If you are using our free dog delivery van (usually Monday/Thursday), you must confirm receipt of your ETA by text. Sidewalk pick-up/delivery is included with the free van delivery option. Times are estimates. A responsible person who understands the assignment must be within 5 minutes of where the dog is one hour before and after the ETA in the confirmation text with a monitored, text-enabled phone ready to meet the van at the curb/sidewalk within a few minutes of the van’s arrival at a pullover spot close to the designated address in the confirmation text. See glencadia.com/thefreevan/

Payments are Final

Payments are final. All credit card charges and other forms of electronic payments are final and there will be no chargebacks. This agreement means internal charge dispute procedures of financial institutions do not pertain unless the customer claims that the service was paid for but not provided. A dispute regarding payments may only be settled as per the conditions above consistent with Columbia County and New York State as determined in a court of law.

Emergency Vet Care

In the event of an emergency, should we not be able to contact you immediately, you, the owner hereby authorize Glencadia personnel to make medical decisions until we can be in communication.

Emergency Release

By reserving at Glencadia you are authorizing Glencadia staff to make decisions about medical care, including authorizing a light sedative or a full anesthetic as deemed necessary by a Glencadia representative and licensed veterinarian.

Social Boarding

The philosophy of this model of dog boarding is that the benefits of a social setting and open space outweigh the increased risk of a fight.

Voice Recall

Dogs must be trained to generally come to their owners (if not other people as well) when called.

Dog Photography

Images of all dogs at camp are regularly posted online and freely shared. Glencadia owns the copyright to photos taken by our staff and unless otherwise agreed, dog owners agree to give us permission to take and share videos and photos of all dogs.