January 1, 2021

Happy New Year – to a great 2021 from Glencadia Dog Camp

By glencadia2  
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As we welcome in a new year, I wanted to talk about something that will not change: our dog care philosophy. We do not hire a bunch of people at minimum wage to take dogs out for staged photos in stylized fake settings in small groups for brief periods. We have people who have worked here 12, 10, 16 years who know the dogs and make safe social groups to allow them to play for many hours per day, inside or out depending on the weather and the kind of dog. We know the dogs, who likes who, who has some issues, and we work around these issues. Dogs have been known to get scratches, to lose weight, so come home tired. Why? Just look at one of the several hundreds of videos we post and do the math. If we locked them up for 23 hours a day – like the others – or had them in confined settings with poorly paid staff, like all the others, they would come home without a nick or cut and we would maximize our profits. The problem would be that the dogs would bark and complain that they want to play – and if you just open the door and let them play for long periods of time, they are happy. It’s so easy to do in most cases. But you have to know when that won’t work…