February 17, 2020

Brooklyn versus Manhattan

By glencadia2  

Here at Glencadia we do some contests – always Brooklyn versus Manhattan. We have the Independence Day Capture the Flag Contest our summer games. And for 11 years, the Christmas Day Fetch Competition our winter games. We’re contemplating a spring or fall event: the Doggie Joggie. This would be an event where members of the community would be invited to come and run a 5K around the pond – probably about 5 laps – while a bunch of dogs interfere or just hang out.

We primarily serve customers in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The free van on Monday and Thursday goes to those two areas every time. If we have one van running, we usually start in Manhattan about 5:30 PM making stops and get to Brooklyn about 7 PM or 7:30 and make more stops there until 9:30 or 10 PM. If we have two vans, then one might start in Manhattan (uptown) about 5:30 and one starts in Brooklyn about 5:30 PM. If we have stops in Jersey City or Westchester, we might send a third van on very busy nights.

We likely will start charging for pick up and delivery outside of the core area soon – Brooklyn and Mahattan will still be free.