February 16, 2019

Coyotes and Eagles

By glencadia2  

There were five bald eagles on a branch behind the barn last week. Five. Never heard of such a thing. A coyote came right up to Vern’s house across the creek and looked him in the eye for 10 seconds before running away. Also not common. The pond froze so thick but so clear I could see fish swimming under there I didn’t know I still had. We installed a wood stove in the barn, vented the water heater and the furnace. Holes poke out in every direction like the kennel was stabbed. The coyotes, I hear them. My dogs hear them. The guest dogs hear them. But they don’t come too close. I have never lost an animal to a coyote, knock wood. There is a snowstorm coming perhaps this weekend but it felt like snow today. We have been splitting some trees a neighbor took down and I’m going to finish the winter with more wood than I started with. That also has never happened. I just want one phone number and one place to do communications by text, voice, and email but that hasn’t happened yet. Kind of surprising. I’m reading a book about Winston Churchill and he was as blind about India as Hilter was about Russia. I don’t mind cold, really. Some of the dogs love it. Poncho would stay out all night just enjoying the breeze.