July 8, 2023

How to Use the Gallery in the New GRS

By glencadia2  

Here we are in our second day of the new GRS and things are already moving along nicely working out a few glitches.

The gallery system works. If you log into to app.glencadia.com and choose “gallery” on the left hand side menu, you have the option of “My Dogs” and “All Dogs.”

“My Dogs” are those that are already tagged with one of your dogs. “All Dogs” are yet to be tagged.

You can do us a big favor (and yourself) as we train the AI to tag the photos for us and open the daily gallery and tag your own dog photos.

First, get to the right day. Today is July 8, 2023, so I open the year, month and then day until I see this:

Once you open the daily gallery you can see all the photos we took that day (so far):

You click the tag icon and, presto, that photo will be in your gallery FOREVER. The AI will know who your dog is in a few months and can make sure you see all the photos we take of your dog right away.

The tagging system on our end, with multiple dogs, has some kinks. The tagging system of the customer side is working well, however. We’re trying to avoid having customers file through a lot of pictures to find their dog. We are trying to tag the photos on our end and are working with a company, InData Labs, to train an AI to help us, the Spot Spotter. In the meantime, tagging photos yourself will help everyone.

Thank you for cooperating with our change over to the new reservation system.