February 26, 2019

Peepers out

By glencadia2  

Peepers out a record 12 days early

BREAKING NEWS: Peepers out, global climate change in the back yard. We have a pond here full of these little frogs people call peepers. They “peep” in the spring. The peeping can actually be quite loud. If you stand at the edge of the wetlands or the pond when they start in the evening, the noise can hurt your ears.

In the winter, they bury themselves in the mud. One male frog comes out and starts singing his mating song. The other males don’t want to be left out, so they all come out and sing too.

When one male comes out, they all come out. So, one night some time in March or April, it’s quiet. The next night, it’s loud. It’s like turning on the light… So, I have been writing down the date of this marker of spring for a few years.

February is out of the question… or was.

2017: February 25

2016: March 9

2015: April 3

2014: April 6

2013: March 30

2012: March 12

2011: March 17

2010: March 19

2009: March 27

2008: April 1