November 1, 2019

The Big Red Barn

By glencadia2  

Here at Glencadia, we have a historic post and beam barn that is now a dog hotel. When I first moved here in 2004, the roof was coming off in several places and snakes, weasels, raccoons, pigeons, rats, all thrived in here. No barn swallows, owls or bats that I could see at that time- all of which we have now, oddly I guess.

Anyway, the barn was built by a joiner, probably Dutch, named C. K√ľrtznpcket – although that “p” could be a vowel, or should be? I remember seeing the year 1904 burnt into the wood, which seemed late to me, but then again bales for hay weren’t a thing until the 1930s, so a huge post and beam hay barn might have made sense. But where did I see that date? The beams may have been re-purposed from a previous barn. They certainly were machine-hewed, so well after the civil war.

When raised, this barn used only wood and stone – no other materials at all, not a single nail. Later, someone added a metal roof over the cedar shingles. Then from about 1970 until I showed up in 2004, the barn was basically neglected. Beams rotten, leaks… but still straight and firm.

I came along with cement, screws, metal joyce hangers, foam board insulation, plastic, and all kinds of materials. Now, the building is not as historic as it had been, but still pretty legit: wood siding, beams as they were, exposed, etc.

In 2018, we added central heat and air conditioning, running hot and cold water, and other great amenities. Over the next month, we hope to complete the insulation and upgrade of the entire structure. This will add more than 5000 square feet (4.65 a) of year-round interior usable space, including a 2000 square foot (1.86 a) dog playground, a palatial, nighttime accommodations for dogs.

Stay tuned! It’s going to be great.