October 4, 2023

Safeguarding Glencadia Dog Camp’s Vulnerable 1790’s Farmhouse

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Safeguarding Glencadia Dog Camp’s Vulnerable 1790’s Farmhouse and Repurposing Timber for Barn Repairs

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Glencadia Dog Camp:
During the fall season, spanning from mid-September through October, our dedicated team at Glencadia Dog Camp works tirelessly to maintain and preserve the 20-acre property. The farmhouse at Glencadia, built in 1790, is where Will and Aenne, the owners of Glencadia, along with their four children and five dogs, reside in this centuries-old structure. The 18th-century barn serves as a dog boarding facility, and the expansive fields and ponds on the property provide a perfect playground for visiting dogs to romp, swim, and explore.

Addressing the Challenges at Glencadia Dog Camp:
This week, amid various ongoing projects, one task took precedence following a series of recent storms: the removal of four towering pine trees that had formed a natural barrier just north of the farmhouse. The urgency became evident during the last storm when the largest of the four pines came dangerously close to colliding with the farmhouse, putting this 233-year-old historical treasure at risk. Thankfully, we successfully brought down all four trees this week without any incident.

Birdseye View of The Last Pine Felled Falling

This Video and Others Like It Can Be Found On Glencadia.tv

Repurposing the Wood for Glencadia Dog Camp’s Barn:
Our next step involves repurposing the wood from these majestic pines. Our plan is to mill the timber into planks and allow them to naturally dry in the sun to achieve the optimal moisture content for construction use. These planks will be essential for upcoming projects, including repairs and expansions to our barn.

Honoring Tradition at Glencadia Dog Camp:
In the 1790s, when this farm was initially established, much of the wood used for constructing both the farmhouse and the barn was harvested from the very land upon which these structures now stand. It’s only fitting that we continue this tradition by using wood harvested from the land to safeguard these beloved buildings from potential harm.

A Haven for Dogs and More:
Will and Aenne’s dedication to providing a welcoming haven for dogs has resulted in over 50,000 individual dog stays on their farm. In return, they’ve assembled a close-knit team of fourteen full-time employees who work diligently to care for the dogs, maintain the property, and tend to the other animals that call Glencadia home, including horses, sheep, chickens, ducks, and soon, we might be welcoming twenty cows to graze in our fields. The Farm at Glencadia has transcended its role as a mere place; it has become a cherished home for both its human and animal inhabitants. Our team’s unwavering dedication stems from a desire to honor and preserve the rich history that this land embodies. We are steadfast in our mission to ensure its continued growth and prosperity, nurturing a legacy that stretches far beyond its 1790 origins.

About Glencadia Dog Camp:
Glencadia serves as a haven for dogs in our human-dominated world, a place where they can interact freely with one another and their surroundings, free from the constant influence of human preferences.

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