May 4, 2023

Will Pflaum

By glencadia2  

After moving with my family, four kids, from Brooklyn to Columbia County in 2004, I opened Glencadia. Aenne, my wife, is a psychologist, originally from Germany. We moved to a place that was ideal for a dog business but, in fact, didn’t really think about that option when we bought the house. I lived in NYC for many years, then Hawaii, before coming up here. My kids have grown up here with plenty of animals, including Ollie, now 21, an undergraduate at Columbia University who still helps with the dogs, Lotta, 10th grade, Leo, 9th grade and an expert dog care helper, and Viola, 9, who makes sure the dogs get plenty of play. I also have several degrees from the University of Michigan and Columbia University, fluent in Spanish, worked as a graphic designer for NYC book publishers, written several books here and here and here and here, recorded a rap album in 1986 (plus a few others), political blog, homeschooled the kids for six years, many years as a visual artist, and engaged many other projects.