January 22, 2020

The Holiday Rush Winds Down

By glencadia2  

Whew!  Here at Glencadia, the holiday season has officially come to an end.  Looking back, it’s always a time chock full of activity.  Lots of family, festivities, and friends (furry or otherwise).  It all begins to kick into gear in mid December.  Dogs of all shapes and sizes begin to book stays and then arrive at camp.  Our drivers definitely keep busy.  In general, driving is a good way to get to know new campers.  It’s also good for catching up with the regulars.  Since it’s the holidays and all, extra treats for the road are often in the mix.  That goes for drivers and dogs.  Milk bones and jerky for one group, egg nog and cookies for the other.

While at camp, we make sure that everyone gets plenty of outside time.  However, everyone has access to go back inside to stay cozy.  Mealtime is always a boisterous event!  Eating is a holiday highlight right?  Easily, the most fun during this time of year, as well as most other months, is playtime in the big fields.  Snow makes it even more enjoyable.  Running, rolling, jumping…and that’s just the humans!  Well, maybe dogs and humans.  Most of our pictures are from this time.  Picture almost all of our holiday campers frolicking around together.  It’s a sight to see!

A good time was had by all this year.  Now, bring on summer!