January 7, 2020

Welcome Country Dog Customers!

By glencadia2  

Hello to all former Country Dog customers!

We here at Glencadia have been subcontracting dog boarding for Country Dogs LLC (Virginia) since 2018. Mark Cave, owner of Country Dogs, approached me and we set up an agreement. If you live in or around NYC have boarded your dog with Country Dogs in 2018 or 2019, your dog was at the same facility and care was handled by the same people as dog owners who booked through Glencadia.com.

Country Dogs was working to build a franchise system of country dog boarding facilities. The arrangement with Country Dogs was a bit confusing and difficult to explain and handle logistically. Apparently, Mark and Country Dogs have decided only to book dog in their own facility in DC/Virginia. From now on, former customers with Country Dogs can book directly with Glencadia.

Booking directly with us will have many advantages and no disadvantages. You will save a considerable amount of money. We do not charge for pick up and drop off, for example. You will also get more pictures and videos and updates about your dog when your dog is staying with us. We have had trouble making sure C Dog customers always got as many updates at our own Glencadia customers. Now, we will only have one system and we should be even better and keeping people updated. The care and delivery will be exactly the same as before, only better and cheaper.

We use a GPS tracker for deliveries and one text number – 1-518-333-9202 – to communicate with all Glencadia personnel. By texting that number or hitting the chat icon on this site you will get right to all of us – Vern and Julia in the barn, Will, Patricia helping with reservations. It’ll be much smoother and quicker to communicate with us directly. Will, Vern, and Patricia will be the people you deal with most often. Hello!

So, welcome. I hope this blog post clarifies something that may have been confusing. I will always be grateful to Mark and Country Dogs for approaching me and trying to make the arrangement work. We learned at a lot here at Glencadia! I value his expertise and have enjoyed working with Country Dogs.

So, please let us know how we can help move your account over to Glencadia and help you set up your next stay. Thank you for your business in the past – and in the future!

Best, Will