Peeper Day 2024

Well, today is the day. Since 2008, I have recorded the day the frogs come out. Today is the day! 2024: March 3 2023: March 23 2022: March 18 2021: March 12 2020: March 9 2019: March 29 2018: March 28 2017: February 25 2016: March 9 2015: April 3 2014: April 6 2013: March… Continue reading Peeper Day 2024

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Untagging to train the AI

We’re having a bit of an issue with our dog photo AI Spot Spotter. If you log into your account at and look at the photos tagged to your dog’s account you may notice photos in which your dog does not appear. Please untag the wrong photos so the AI learns who your dog… Continue reading Untagging to train the AI

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Respiratory Illness and Dog Boarding

Dogs on Romp Glencadia Dog Camp

Respiratory Illness and Dog Boarding As you may have read, an unidentified disease or diseases affecting dogs has been reported in four states, not including New York at this time. Little is known about the condition. Given what we know now, we should all probably avoid overreacting but try to get ahead of what we can… Continue reading Respiratory Illness and Dog Boarding

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To review

We have been adding so many things, maybe we need to review. Glencadia Dog Camp provides country dog boarding for New York City dogs with delivery included. Check the map for transportation costs. Kennel, dog boarding, dog vacation, dog camp, long-term dog boarding, overnight. Grooming can be added at the end of a boarding stay.… Continue reading To review

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Farm-to-Bowl: New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by Glencadia 

A season of change at Glencadia By Phil Schools Glencadia Dog Camp has provided country getaways for NYC dogs for 17 years.  On a 20-fenced acre farm, the century-old barn has become one of the world’s biggest doghouses, with AC, heat, and other amenities to boot.  This year, we are thrilled to introduce several new… Continue reading Farm-to-Bowl: New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by Glencadia 

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Food for Dogs

You’ve heard of farm-to-table? Now try farm-to-bowl. Humans can dream of the future, enjoy art, write, etc. Meanwhile, we don’t know what goes on in a dog’s head but we do know they love …. DINNER! For dogs, good food is complete happiness. While we figure out the meaning of our lives, we can increase… Continue reading Food for Dogs

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Spa Getaway

We now offer grooming to boarding reservations. Even better, we offer Spa Getaways. For less than grooming and one day of doggie daycare in New York City, we will come to your house on Monday or Thursday evening, pick up your dog, take your dog to the country to play for three days and enjoy… Continue reading Spa Getaway

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…. for this great article on why dog camp is a good choice for people when they travel, and for dog psychology.

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