Farm-to-Bowl: New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by Glencadia 

A season of change at Glencadia By Phil Schools Glencadia Dog Camp has provided country getaways for NYC dogs for 17 years.  On a 20-fenced acre farm, the century-old barn has become one of the world’s biggest doghouses, with AC, heat, and other amenities to boot.  This year, we are thrilled to introduce several new… Continue reading Farm-to-Bowl: New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by Glencadia 

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Food for Dogs

You’ve heard of farm-to-table? Now try farm-to-bowl. Humans can dream of the future, enjoy art, write, etc. Meanwhile, we don’t know what goes on in a dog’s head but we do know they love …. DINNER! For dogs, good food is complete happiness. While we figure out the meaning of our lives, we can increase… Continue reading Food for Dogs

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Spa Getaway

We now offer grooming to boarding reservations. Even better, we offer Spa Getaways. For less than grooming and one day of doggie daycare in New York City, we will come to your house on Monday or Thursday evening, pick up your dog, take your dog to the country to play for three days and enjoy… Continue reading Spa Getaway

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…. for this great article on why dog camp is a good choice for people when they travel, and for dog psychology.

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Heat Pump: Energy Efficiency

We just installed a brand new, state of the art, heat pump in the dog barn. Now, with our bank of solar panels, AC and heat will have less of an impact on the environment.

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Grooming: Studying up

🐾 Grooming Dream Team in the Making! 🛁 Our fantastic trio of trainees is on their way to becoming top-notch groomers. Stay tuned for some paw-sitively amazing transformations! 🐶✨ #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #doggrooming #dogsofinstagram #doggroomer #dogs #dog #grooming #petgrooming #doglover #doglovers #groomer #dogstagram #doglife #instadog #puppy #petstylist #doggroomersofinstagram #doggroominglife #dogoftheday #petgroomer #pets #pet #groomingsalon #dogsofinsta #groomersofinstagram #cutedogs… Continue reading Grooming: Studying up

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Pack life at Glencadia!

Shout it out! We love pack life here at Glencadia! Come join us! You can read a nice review of our services here.

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Referral Credits

There is a new feature on our website: referral credits. Each member has an individual URL. You can see this information at the top of the portal when you log in to Glencadia as a member. If you give this link to a friend or acquaintance and when they make an account and book a… Continue reading Referral Credits

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